Supported Payment Technology






Custom Applications

Custom Applications


The XipOPEN SDK empowers System Integrators to define and develop their own custom Xip Lite Applications (XLA) depending on a specific use case.

Change Return

Return change on loyalty card


A leading System Integrator in India has built a change return solution where merchants who do not have cash to return on purchases can now issue a card with value loaded on it to the consumer and the same can be used for future purchases at any merchant who accepts the card.

Loan Disbursement and Collection


A leading System Integrator in Bangladesh has built a custom loan disbursement and collection system for a Bank.

Loyalty Points

Comprehensive loyalty platform to retain consumers


A leading Bank in the Philippines has built a custom loyalty program for small and medium merchants across the country. The bank will issue a loyalty card to its customers who can accumulate points across merchants who are enrolled in the Banks Loyalty program. These points can be then encashed for purchases at any of the approved establishments across the country.


Solving transport with Stored Value Payments


A leading System Integrator in India has built a powerful transport card solution which will be used by the State Transport Corporations across the country. Plans exist to extend the transport card to merchant payments as well.

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