Supported Payment Technology






Merchant Payments

Micropayments made easier than cash

Mobile Payments


Cash is the predominant means of transactions in the emerging economies and this presents a tremendous business opportunity for the Financial Institutions. A large number of small to medium merchants do not accept digital forms of payments as the cost of terminals is high, the fees payable are high and the time to settlement is also high. With the right go to market plan Financial Institutions can build a large merchant network which will allow them to tap into the cash transactions. Xip’s portability, affordability and ruggedness can enable you to deploy a cost-effective merchant payment infrastructure across the country covering a variety of merchants ranging from the street hawkers to restaurants to fuel stations to supermarkets.

  • Scalable, Secure and affordable
  • Variety of merchants – Small to Large
  • Quick, Easy, Secure and convenient way to pay

Campus Payments

Quick, Simple and Easy


Universities, Schools, Food Courts, Shopping Malls, Townships and Event Organizers are all looking for a single unified and simple way to pay for services. Xip with its online and offline functionality and support for a variety of terminals for merchants can be used to implement a secure, simple and easy to use payment solution. The consumers can be provided with cards, stickers, wearables or they can use the Mobile app on their Android NFC phone to pay and access additional services at any of the merchant touch points.

  • Variety of Merchant terminals
  • Easy integration
  • Customized user experience and additional services

Bill Payments

Convenience of paying your Bills at a neighbourhood agent


Bill payments for consumers means long queues and lost time whereas for companies face challenges in timely collection, cash management, queue management and pilferage. With Xip, Financial Institutions can simplify and reduce the entire process of Bill payment to a simple Tap at the nearest agent/merchant. The consumer just taps with his NFC Tag and the amount is transferred from his/her  account to the Company account.

  • Easy integration with Bill Payment systems
  • Simple and intuitive user interface on Xip Terminals
  • Increased and timely Bill collection

Humanitarian Aid Distribution

Reliable, Secure and Fool Proof Distribution


Worldwide humanitarian aid distribution agencies face major challenges today to manage the cost of distribution and delivering a leakage proof system that ensures the aid is utilized by the right beneficiary for the intended purpose.

The powerful Xip platform can be utilised for many types of grants, subsidies and aid distribution projects. Its online and offline functionality, options to issue Tags, options for controlled spends at specific merchants, reloading of the tags for periodic payments makes it an ideal platform for Humanitarian aid distribution. The stored value option makes it ideal for distributing payments even in remote areas where connectivity is poor.

  • Controlled spends
  • Offline usage
  • Simple and Easy to deploy

Agency Banking

Taking financial inclusion to the last mile


The biggest challenge Financial Institutions face is the expansion of their services across geographies and in locations where the population concentration is low. The Xip platform is flexible and can be adapted to any type of last mile services such as Agency Banking. The Financial institution can provide a range of services such as Cash-In, Cash-Out, Bill payments, Airtime recharges, Merchant payments on a variety of terminals which be provided to a nationwide agent network.

  • Customized Mobile app for the agent terminal
  • Easy integration with the Banking Platform
  • Secure, mobile and cost-effective solution

Micro Credit / Small Loans

Extending Micro Credit/Small loans to the existing consumer base


With Xip, Mobile operators now have access to the spend and earning related data for Merchants and Consumers. Based on the user profiles and the transaction history, mobile operators can extend micro credits/small loans to its user base. This will not only help the mobile operator in expanding its services significantly, but also generate a loyal customer base resulting in a lower churn.

  • Access to transaction history enables building a credit profile
  • Can be integrated with credit rating platforms
  • Generate Loyalty and reduce churn

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