QR Code Solution

XipQR provides support for both Dynamic and Static QR code. XipPOS terminals can generate a dynamic QR code, which consumers can scan through their smartphones to make the payments. The dynamic QR code makes the payment process faster and error-free, allowing merchants to accept payments seamlessly from any of the customer’s linked account.

XipPOS terminals are available in various form factors with one of them specially designed to provide a dual display. XipApps are also provided so that they can be integrated with the consumer app for an intuitive and streamlined payment experience.

QR Code Scanning


For smartphones

Ready to use

Ready-to-use solutions

All users

For merchants and customers


Static and Dynamic QR code support

Scan pay

Scan & pay


XipQR further enhances the Xip platform to deliver a powerful platform for merchant payments supporting both NFC and QR Code.

  • icon Static or Dynamic QR Code support
  • icon Simple, fast & easy to Use
  • icon Rapid deployment
  • icon Option to run cashback type promotions
  • icon Daily business reporting, transaction reports

How it works

Enter Amount to Collect

  1. Enter details like price, invoice number if any
  2. Instant dynamic QR code generation by merchant

Scan Transaction QR

  1. Consumer scans the QR code
  2. Error free details appear on the screen

Get Notification

  1. Consumer approves the payment
  2. Fast and Hassle Free