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Xip was created to take on the challenge of making electronic payments as simple and easy to use as cash, and most importantly, affordable enough to use for the smallest merchant in any country. Xip is a cutting edge solution that integrates offline and online platforms and making it extremely flexible to be used in various contexts ranging from payments to transport to grants. 

Xip’s versatility allows it to be integrated with various applications such as Health Insurance, Micro Loans, Grants and Subsidy management. Information can be accessed online to ensure effective tracking, control and eliminate misuse for efficient subsidy distribution, health insurance payments and voucher distribution. Small merchants can now apply for micro loans based on their monthly transaction history as it provides for reliable inputs on the merchant's credit worthiness.

Micropayments in the emerging market present an untapped market opportunity. Xip’s portability, affordability and ruggedness enables you to deploy a cost effective merchant payment infrastructure in your country across a variety of merchants ranging from the street hawkers to restaurants to fuel stations to supermarkets. Xip can accept both offline and online payments and be easily integrated with existing financial platforms. Thousands of merchants and consumers are already realising the benefits of Xip Tap & Pay.

XipPOS can generate dynamic QR code, which consumers can scan through their smartphones to make the payments. The dynamic QR code makes the payment process faster and error-free, allowing merchants to accept payments seamlessly from any of the customer’s linked account (i.e. Mobile Money or even a Bank account) 

Airtime recharge today exceeds more than 8 Billion transactions globally. However Recharge continues to be error prone and cumbersome in the emerging markets where it is dominated by paper vouchers and USSD. The Xip solution allows any Airtime Recharge service provider to affordably upgrade existing agent infrastructure to offer fast, convenient and differentiating ‘Tap & Recharge' service. With a few simple steps, an Agent can securely sell Airtime and monitor his float balance on XipPOS. The Xip solution significantly reduces erroneous transactions and time to recharge resulting in reduced costs, higher customer satisfaction and better brand image. The Xip is an ideal solution to give better user experience to consumers without compromising on security and control.

Supply chain payment collection is a big nightmare in the emerging markets. The cost of cash management can be as high as 5% in most markets. In addition the security and cash collection risk are seen as a big challenge. The highly portable and rugged XipPOS can help eliminate all issues related to cash collection by integrating into the supply chain system and also collecting money directly from the merchant’s wallet and transferring into the suppliers account. The system can also provide for real time dashboards and customized reports for management and merchants to track their collections and purchases.

Xip’s portability, affordability and ruggedness makes it an ideal transport fare payment collection solution for emerging markets. The Xip System can easily serve millions of daily commuters across multiple transport modes like Bus, Taxi and even Moto-Taxis. Xip’s ability to accept stored value offline payments allows commuters to pay on the go in a flash. The ability of each XipPOS to issue and top-up commuter cards helps the service operator to have large number of service points at a significantly lower cost. Xip also provides the option of linking an online mobile wallet to each commuter card to extend the service for merchant payments. With its flexibility and extensive capabilities, Xip is a powerful fare collection system for tapping into the Multi-Billion dollar transport sector in the emerging markets.

Micro Merchants
Securely accept Tap & Pay payments in mobile money account from customers.
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Issue micro loans to merchants base on transaction history and usage profile
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Integrate with health insurance system for cost effective micro health insurance
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Disburse, Track and control spends for grants and subsidies.
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Solving cash collection problems across distribution channels
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Tap & Pay utility payments for your customers 
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Offer faster and simpler service to your mobile money customers by upgrading your agent infrastructure to NFC technology
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Error free, fast and convenient ‘Tap & Recharge’ service for your customers
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Use the convenience of Tap & Pay for offline payments (prepaid)
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Deploy mobile parking fee collection agents across the city at minimum cost
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Issue multiple XipPOS to waiters to collect Tap & Pay payments from customers
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Issue XipPOS to each fuel attendant for accepting Tap & Pay payments from customers
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Use multiple XipPOS linked to master account to accept Tap & Pay payments and issue co-branded payment/loyalty cards to customers.
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Deploy the convenience of tap & pay for fare collection and top-up points
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Create dynamic QR codes for each transaction for Scan and Pay apps
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