TAPnGO Public Transport payments

Public transports around the world have adopted contactless offline payments due to the numerous benefits they bring to all stakeholders.

Many growth markets have lagged behind as the established solutions do not meet the peculiar needs of these markets. Smaller buses, taxis or even two-wheelers, fragmented private ownership, etc. are challenges that need to be overcome before adoption.

Nearex provides a complete Transport payment solution that can help you to quickly roll out transit payments in a cost-effective manner.



Nearex Transport payment solution offers many ready to use options for Small to Big public transport operators

  • icon Hold and Manage pre-paid funds added by the commuters
  • icon Manage regulatory restrictions
  • icon Reliable sync for fare collection terminals
  • icon Real time top-up interface for closed loop or open-loop systems

Xip Core Tech

These robust core tech blocks are used to deliver this solution

MS 1

SV 1