Xip Stored Value Payment Solution

Xip Stored Value Payment Solution is an offline payment system where value is stored and managed on the tags that customers carry. Such systems are invaluable where transaction speed is critical – like in transports – or where network connectivity is unreliable. Xip Stored Value delivers a user experience to customers that is as close to cash as one can get, making it a great first step for digital payments for users who are only used to cash.


Fast Card

Instant Offline Payments

Ready to use

Ready-to-use Solution

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Complete In-a-box Solution

Digital Payment

Digital Payments

Simple, Quick and Easy to Deploy

Xip Stored Value Payment Solution is a flexible and powerful system. It provides a variety of options to allow a customized solution to be created to meet most payment needs. It builds on the Xip Platform and has all its key features.

Custom Applications

Xip Stored Value Key Features

In addition to Xip Platform’s common features, the Stored Value also has a host of features to make it a truly compelling payment system.

  • icon Cash-based or online loading of cards
  • icon Anonymous or mobile-linked cards
  • icon Offline PIN, with a per user selectable limit
  • icon Optional pre-integrated wallet

How it works

Make payment anywhere

Decentralized & Secure

  • Get cards on the spot – anonymously or linked to customer’s mobile
  • Immediate top-up by cash at agents or online
  • Disburse money to cards from grant or subsidy programs

Offline & Instant

  • Instant offline, simple and convenient payments
  • Offline PIN to protect transactions
  • Controls on how many offline payments a merchant can accept

Automatic & Manual

  • XipPOS syncs with server to post transactions and credit
  • Sync is triggered automatically on count, value or time based limits
  • Manual sync option to give greater control