About Us

Nearex is a payment technology company that is at the forefront of payment innovations for the growth markets. Its Xip platform has been deployed widely across these markets, enabling a variety of groundbreaking payment use cases. Nearex was founded in 2012. It is a Singapore headquartered company with its development facility in Bangalore, India.

Our Achievements


Our Mission

Revolutionizing mass payments across emerging markets.

Making digital payments affordable and accessible.

Meet the people behind Nearex

Mayank Sharma


Mayank believes the challenge of cashless micropayments can only be solved when a technology competes favourably with the convenience and affordability of cash. He started Nearex to empower consumers & merchants around the world with simple cashless payments leveraging the reach of mobile phones. Mayank is an industry veteran with experience of leading multiple global teams.

Arun Tanksali


Arun’s passion is for making society adopt electronic cash and harnessing technology for the greater good of society. He remains an active developer, product manager, tester and field engineer. He has worked in the telecom and IT industries for over 25 years. He was earlier the CTO of Mahindra Comviva and Co-Founder and CTO of Jataayu Software.

Raj Kesarimall


With over 25 years experience in the Telecom and IT Industry, Raj has shouldered Sales, Marketing and P&L responsibility across India, Europe & Americas. He loves the challenge of taking new products and ideas to the global markets & is an avid traveler. Prior to Nearex, he was CEO of Integra Micro Software Services, VP of Mahindra Comviva and Co-Founder of Jataayu Software.

Santosh Kumar


Santosh’s mission is to make XIP a world-class product getting used by millions of users across the world. He is a soft-spoken geek at heart with a strong eye for details and passion for technology. Santosh comes with 17 years of professional experience in Telecom and IT-based products-services in various roles.

Anup Raghavan

    VP, Embedded And App Development

    Anup believes that simple and affordable solutions lead to mass adoption. He is an avid DIYer and spends time tinkering open-source hardware and software. He comes from a strong product development background, and has 20 years of experience delivering solutions for a variety of platforms, from PDAs to smartphones to wearables.

    Mamatha Ramaiah

      Head, Quality Assurance

      People are apprehensive in using fintech products. Mamatha’s goal is to reach those people with the utmost quality products to digitize payments. Whenever we talk of products, IT or otherwise, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is quality. She has invested her career in getting quality products to the market that end users trust. She has spent over 15 years with quality management.

      The world’s best companies use Nearex to
      drive growth and revenue


      Micro-payments is a hugely exciting domain and Nearex is a pioneer in defining the industry. Making Xip the leading micropayment solution is not just a great technology adventure, it is also an opportunity to build and deliver a product that can truly make an impact on society. There is no greater satisfaction for those in the technology space than building products that its users love and want to keep using. If you are excited about this opportunity, do get in touch with us and if your profile matches a need we have now or in the future, we will get in touch with you.

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